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20 Packs Food Storage Containers

20 Packs Food Storage Containers

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Keep your kitchen organized and your food fresh with our 20 Packs Food Storage Containers. This comprehensive 40-piece set includes 20 containers with 20 different sized lids, ranging from 2.7 to 50 ounces, catering to all your kitchen storage needs. Additionally, it comes with 2 pieces of labels and 1 washable marker pen for easy labeling and identification.

Perfect Sizes for Versatile Storage

● Rectangular Containers: 2 x 85 oz, 2 x 50 oz, 2 x 17 oz, 2 x 8 oz, 2 x 4 oz

● Square Containers: 2 x 40 oz, 2 x 23 oz, 2 x 13 oz, 2 x 6 oz

● Round Sauce Boxes: 2 x 2.7 oz

Safe and Durable Material

Our food storage containers with lids are made of high-quality polypropylene material, ensuring they are BPA-free and reusable. These containers are safe to use in the refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher. Remember to remove the lid while heating to prevent steam buildup.

Stackable and Space-Saving Design

Designed to be stacked continuously, these meal prep containers maximize your pantry and kitchen space. With the included reusable labels and markers, you can easily organize and maintain a tidy kitchen.

Leak-Proof and Freshness Guarantee

Equipped with high-quality silicone seals and 4 reinforced latches, our airtight food storage containers ensure a tight seal between the container and the lid. This feature keeps your food fresh, prevents spills, and eliminates food odors.

Convenient and Lightweight

Ideal for storing leftovers, fruits, vegetables, cooked meals, dry food, and even gravy, these lightweight containers are perfect for workers, students, and travelers. They are easy to carry, making them an excellent choice for taking lunch or food to the office, school, or on the go.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We are dedicated to providing our customers with satisfactory after-sales service. If you have any questions or are not satisfied with our airtight food storage containers,

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