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7-In-1 Ab Roller Wheel Kit

7-In-1 Ab Roller Wheel Kit

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Transform your fitness routine with the 7-In-1 Ab Roller Wheel Kit from ZUDKSUY. Engineered to amplify core workouts, this premium fitness set is your ultimate companion for sculpting abs, arms, shoulders, and back muscles. Ideal for home, gym, or office use, it ensures a comprehensive workout experience tailored to enhance strength and endurance.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Workout Set: Achieve robust abdominal muscles with the ultra-wide 3" ab roller wheel. Crafted from durable stainless steel and non-slip rubber, it supports up to 440lb while ensuring stability and floor protection. The thick knee pad, made from NBR material, offers added comfort during exercises.

Full Body Training: Target abs, shoulders, arms, and legs with precision. Each rollout engages core muscles and improves lower back strength, reducing the risk of injuries.

Premium Build: Made from stainless steel, non-slip TPR, and durable PVC, this ab roller guarantees safety, comfort, and silent operation. Designed for longevity, it withstands rigorous workouts without floor damage.

Non-Slip Design: Enjoy superior stability on any surface with the non-slip rubber wheel and dense EVA foam-wrapped steel tube handles. Ensures a secure, non-deforming grip for all users.

Included Accessories:

● Spring Exerciser: Adds resistance for intensified workouts.

● Push-Up Bars: Enhance upper body strength.

● Adjustable Jump Rope: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

● Hand Gripper: Strengthens grip and forearms.

● Resistance Bands: Provide controlled resistance for a complete workout.


● Name: 7-In-1 Ab Roller Wheel Kit

● Material: ABS, rubber, foam, plastic, steel

● Color: Blue

● Type: 7pcs

● Package Includes: 1 Abdominal Wheel, 1 Knee Pad, 1 Jump Rope, 2 Push-Up Bars, 1 Hand Gripper, 1 Spring Exerciser

Achieve Your Fitness Goals: Elevate your fitness journey with the ZUDKSUY 7-In-1 Ab Roller Wheel Kit. Perfect for both men and women seeking a stronger core and toned physique, it combines superior quality with ergonomic design for a safe and effective workout every session.

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