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8-in-1 Cleaning Brush

8-in-1 Cleaning Brush

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Experience unparalleled cleaning efficiency with our Electric Cleaning Brush 8 in 1. This multifunctional household tool is designed to tackle various cleaning tasks in your bathroom, kitchen, windows, and toilet, making it an essential addition to your cleaning arsenal.

Key Features

8 Replaceable Brush Heads:

● Flat Brushes: Perfect for floors and walls.

● Corner Brushes: Ideal for grout and edges.

● Sponge Brushes: Designed for dishes.

● Cloth Brushes: Perfect for window wiping.

● Versatility: Great for polishing and waxing your car.

● Self-Adhesive Base: Simplifies storing sponge and cloth brushes.

Long Battery Life & USB-C Fast Charging:

● 2500mAh Battery: Provides long-lasting power.

● USB-C Fast Charging Technology: Only 3.5 hours of charging delivers approximately 90 minutes of continuous cleaning power.

3 Adjustable Speeds:

● Choose from three adjustable speeds (400RPM, 420RPM, and 460RPM) for tailored cleaning intensity.

● Outperforms other shower cleaning brushes with its higher speed capabilities.

3 Adjustable Lengths:

● Adapt to different cleaning needs with three adjustable lengths (27cm/69cm/111cm) and two angles (135° and 180°).

● Reach and clean hard-to-reach areas effortlessly without bending or kneeling.

LED Display & LED Night Light:

● Improved LED Display: Keeps you informed about power status and speed levels.

● LED Night Light Function: Ensures even dark corners are thoroughly cleaned.

Why Choose Our Electric Cleaning Brush 8 in 1?

● Efficiency Redefined: Tackle various cleaning tasks with one versatile tool.

● Convenience at Its Core: USB-C fast charging and a long-lasting battery make cleaning hassle-free.

● Customized Cleaning Experience: Adjust speeds and lengths to match the level of stains and reach challenging spots effortlessly.

● Enhanced Visibility: LED display and night light feature provide clarity in any cleaning environment.

Upgrade your cleaning routine with the Electric Cleaning Brush 8 in 1 – the ultimate solution for a sparkling, spotless home! Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to efficiency.


● Charging Port: Type-C

● Battery Capacity: 2500mAh

● Working Time: About 90 minutes

● Charging Time: About 3-5 hours

● Material: Environmentally friendly ABS with stainless steel

Packing List

● Host: 1

● Telescopic Pole: 2

● Large Flat Brush: 1

● Small Flat Brush: 1

● Corner Brush: 1

● Copy Wool Brush: 1

● Sponge Tray: 1

● Scouring Pad: 1

● Mop Brush: 1

● Fixed Tray: 1

● Cleaning Cloth: 1

● Storage Bag: 1

● Charging Cable: 1

● Manual: 1

Note: Please charge the full battery before the first use.

Elevate your cleaning game with the Electric Cleaning Brush 8 in 1 and enjoy a pristine living space effortlessly.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Lucas Pouros

Arrived very fast, well packed and exactly as described. I haven't used all the accessories yet, but I bought them mainly to clean the kitchen sink, which was always left with dirt encrusted in the corners and the wire of draining the dishes. I used the two pieces of the photo and cleaned very well, all dirt came out effortlessly! Used about 20% of the battery for half an hour of use.

Tabitha Rowe

Produced above my expectations, drums duration and acceptable power, for those small ordinary cleaning jobs. Accessories if ordered, very useful, in comparison with other similar products, the attack for the accessories on the head is more robust

Michael Olson

The item came very quickly. We live just rural Colorado and it arrived 6 days after purchase . This is faster than Amazon prime for our location. The cleaning brush feels high quality with decent torque to get the tough jobs done. Came with all the attachments shown in the pictures. It is a pretty nice tool to have in your cleaning arsenal. We compared this cleaner to others in AliExpress and Amazon and we are very happy with the product, price, and very fast shipping. I would recommend this product

Kathryn Powlowski

Well, what I tried, what I feel is that the power is a little low to carry out simple cleanings, this good looks good. I will continue to use it.

Mittie Cassin

Fast delivery, not used yet but looks good, three speed levels. Multiple nozzles, add feedback after use