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Automatic Cat Laser Toy

Automatic Cat Laser Toy

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Discover the Automatic Cat Laser Toy – the ultimate companion for your cat's joy and vitality. Designed to captivate and engage, this smart laser teasing cat collar brings endless entertainment to your furry friend. Watch as its mesmerizing laser beam sparks your cat's natural instincts, promoting both playfulness and mental stimulation. With easy USB charging, you ensure uninterrupted fun, providing hours of amusement and exercise. Thanks to its automatic mode, your cat can stay active even when you're away. Elevate your cat's playtime with the Automatic Cat Laser Toy – where fun and fitness converge for your feline companion.


● Name: Smart Laser Cat Collar

● Material: PC/TPU

● Weight: About 29g

● Size: 310x34mm

● Length: Adjustable from 200mm to 310mm

● Charging: USB rechargeable battery

Key Features:

● Smart Laser Teasing: Engages your cat's hunting instincts with a captivating laser beam.

● Automatic Mode: Hands-free operation keeps your cat entertained even when you're busy.

● USB Rechargeable: Convenient charging ensures uninterrupted playtime.

● Lightweight and Adjustable: Weighs just 29g and adjusts for a comfortable fit.

Enhance your cat's happiness and health with the Automatic Cat Laser Toy – perfect for pet owners seeking a smart, engaging, and convenient toy for their beloved companions.

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Paxton Kassulke

great fun for the cat!