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Automatic Pet Feeder 4L Navy Blue

Automatic Pet Feeder 4L Navy Blue

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The Automatic Pet Feeder 4L Navy Blue makes feeding your pet hassle-free with its user-friendly setup and programmable features. Easily customize your pet’s feeding schedule with up to 4 meals daily and 1 to 9 portions per meal (7g ± 2g/portion). Adjust meal times, portion sizes, and monitor battery power to keep your pet’s routine seamless and consistent.

Personalized Meal Call

Make mealtime special with a 10-second voice recording feature. Record a personalized message to call your pet to their meal, ensuring they feel loved and secure even when you’re not home.

Reliable Dual Power Supply

Never worry about power outages with this feeder's dual power options. It runs on a 5V DC adapter and has a backup option using three D-cell batteries (not included). This ensures your pet always gets fed on time, providing peace of mind whether you're at work or traveling.

Secure Twist-Lock for Fresh Food

Keep your pet’s food fresh with the secure twist-lock lid. The feeder stores dry kibbles (0.07-0.47in/2-12mm in diameter) and includes a desiccant bag to maintain crunchiness and flavor by preventing moisture build-up.

Easy to Clean Design

The feeder features a detachable granary and an extra 304 stainless steel bowl, making cleaning straightforward. The design keeps food fresh and the unit protected. Note that the main unit is not washable and should be cleaned with a wipe.

Key Features:

● Capacity: 4L, ideal for cats and small to medium dogs

● Color: Navy Blue

● Meal Customization: 1-4 meals daily, 1-9 portions per meal

● Voice Recording: 10-second personalized meal call

● Power Supply: 5V DC adapter and 3 D-cell batteries (not included)

● Food Storage: Secure twist-lock lid with desiccant bag

● Cleaning: Detachable granary and stainless steel bowl; main unit wipe-clean only


The Automatic Pet Feeder 4L Navy Blue is the ultimate solution for busy pet owners. It ensures your pet is fed regularly and stays healthy and happy. With its easy setup, customizable feeding schedules, personalized meal call, and dual power supply, this feeder blends convenience with reliability, making it a must-have for any pet-loving household.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Gabriel Kris

Great product, very easy to configure. I arrive in Mexico in 1 week

Eudora Kutch

Very good product, it takes me 8 days to reach Mexico. To be able to connect it to the application must be forcibly connected to the plug, with batteries cannot be, and only connected with 4G network, with the 5G does not grip

Evans Fisher

Really good, worth the money

Federico Muller

Well, this feed dispenser admits larger feed, it had another one that the largest feed was clinking.

Maynard Littel

Easy to operate and after working in the Tuya app you can start the feeder remotely. The option of scheduling the hours when karma is to be served is also fun. Of the minuses I can add the inability to regulate the amount of feed and the LED on the status of the WiFi network (it shines quite hard at night, so I had to tape it with black tape)