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Automatic Soap Dispenser

Automatic Soap Dispenser

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Enhance your hand-washing routine with our innovative automatic soap dispenser. Here's why it's a must-have:

Touchless Operation

Featuring an advanced infrared sensor, our automatic soap dispenser delivers the perfect amount of soap without any contact. This touchless operation ensures superior hand hygiene and reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

Versatile Use

Compatible with all types of liquid soap and foam, this dispenser is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and public spaces. Its versatility makes it an essential addition for both home and professional use.

Stylish Design

Our sleek and modern design complements any interior decor, adding a touch of elegance to your space. Its contemporary look makes it a stylish and functional accessory for any setting.

Enhanced Foam Technology

Utilizing cutting-edge gas-liquid ratio technology of 12:1, our dispenser creates rich, luxurious foam that effectively covers your skin. This ensures your hands feel clean and refreshed after every wash.

Large Capacity

With a 280ml capacity, our dispenser can be refilled up to 500 times, providing soap for the entire family for up to 50 days. This large capacity minimizes the need for frequent refills, offering convenience and efficiency.

Fast and Efficient

Equipped with a high-speed foaming mechanism that operates in just 0.25 seconds and a 3-6cm sensor range, our dispenser delivers soap quickly and accurately, ensuring a seamless hand-washing experience.

Built-in Battery

Our dispenser features a high-performance 1200mAh lithium battery that can be easily charged via USB. This built-in battery ensures reliable operation without the need for constant replacements.

Waterproof and Durable

Designed to withstand wet environments, our dispenser is perfect for sinks, toilets, and other areas prone to moisture. Its waterproof and durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, even in challenging conditions.

Product Specifications:

● Material: ABS + PC plastic

● Rated Power: 5W

● Capacity: 280ml

● Colors: White, Black

● Charging Voltage: 3.7V

Upgrade your hygiene routine with our touchless automatic soap dispenser and enjoy a cleaner, more hygienic environment every day!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Enrique Heathcote

This soap dispatcher looks excellent quality, arrived in excellent delivery time, came with your instructive and charger cable, I highly recommend the seller.

Suzanne Hagenes

Good quality. works as advertised. love it! want to buy more

Barrett Dietrich

Excellent, I arrive in 8 days to the City of Mexico🇲🇽, Super easy to install, to your soap you can add a little liquid glycerin and water to make the foam more uniform and abundant. All very well.

Virgie Bechtelar

The product is good for shvidko, the product for the Yak to get one. With a snake, you can't do it another time. There is a problem in the city of polyagais. Varto sets of double stickers for pretender.

Otho Daniel

Excellent dispenser. As well as beautiful. Modern design, I very much liked the size, it is not large is compact, and easy to put on, beautiful, practical and very utilyvery apparatus.