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24 Hour Bluetooth Anti-snoring Device

24 Hour Bluetooth Anti-snoring Device

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Are you tired of restless nights and constant snoring? Discover the revolutionary 24 Hour Bluetooth Anti-snoring Device, designed to ensure you and your partner enjoy peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. This innovative snore stopper is packed with advanced features and seamlessly integrates with the Free Sleeplus APP, making it the ultimate solution for snoring relief and sleep improvement.

How Does It Work?

The 24 Hour Bluetooth Anti-snoring Device utilizes cutting-edge technology to deliver effective snoring intervention. Here's how it works:

● Bone Conduction Data Collection: The device collects bone conduction data and recognizes snoring through built-in model matching.

● Dynamic Snore Detection: When the intensity and regularity of the snoring sound meet the criteria, the device dynamically increases the snoring sound model through machine learning within approximately 30 seconds.

● Adaptive Vibration Intervention: Upon recognizing snoring, the device initiates vibration. The vibration level is adaptive, increasing step by step if the initial intervention is unsuccessful. The highest level is set by the user. Once the snoring stops, the vibration level is maintained and gradually reduced if there's no snoring for an extended period.

Free Sleeplus APP Integration

Enhance your anti-snoring experience with the Free Sleeplus APP. This user-friendly application offers a range of features to monitor and customize your snoring intervention:

● Snore Stopper: Sync your device data with the app to view detailed sleep, snore, and intervention data. Customize the intensity of vibrations and snore sensitivity for optimal results.

● Sleep Aid Function: Enjoy soothing music to relax your mind and body, promoting better sleep quality.

● Recorder: Record your snoring sounds and playback anytime to compare the effectiveness of the snore stopper.

Key Features

● 24-Hour Monitoring: Continuous monitoring and intervention throughout the night.

● Bluetooth Connectivity: Seamlessly sync with the Free Sleeplus APP for real-time data tracking.

● Machine Learning: Advanced algorithm learns and adapts to your snoring patterns.

● Adaptive Vibration Levels: Customizable vibration intensity to suit individual needs.

● Sleep Aid Function: Built-in soothing music for a relaxed sleeping environment.

● Recording Function: Record and playback snoring sounds for performance tracking.

Say Goodbye to Snoring

Invest in your sleep health with the 24 Hour Bluetooth Anti-snoring Device. Whether you struggle with snoring yourself or have a partner who does, this device offers a smart, effective solution. Embrace restful nights and wake up refreshed with this state-of-the-art snore stopper.

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