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Bunny Pet Costume

Bunny Pet Costume

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Make your pet the star of the show with the Bunny Pet Costume from Pandaloon! Featured on Shark Tank, Good Morning America, and more, this costume is a viral sensation that both pets and owners love.

Key Features

● Patented Design: Unique front-facing outfit that turns your pet into a walking plush bunny.

● Comfortable Fit: Elastic drawstring hoodie and adjustable closures for a snug fit.

● Wide Range of Sizes: Fits very small to medium dogs and most cats (11 to 28 inches tall, 3.5 to 55 lbs).

Perfect Fit for All Breeds

● Size 0: Ideal for tiny dogs like Dachshunds and Munchkin Cats.

● Size 1: Best for toy-sized dogs such as Chihuahuas and Toy Poodles.

● Size 2: Fits toy-sized dogs with longer legs and most cats.

● Size 3: Suitable for small to small/medium dogs like Beagles and French Bulldogs.

● Size 4: Great for medium-sized dogs like Beagles and English Bulldogs.

● Size 5: Perfect for medium to larger dogs like Labradors and Standard Poodles.

Ensure your pet’s comfort and style with the Bunny Pet Costume’s adjustable closures and elastic drawstring. For a perfect fit, measure your pet’s height and weight accurately.

Why Choose Pandaloon's Bunny Pet Costume?

● Loved by pets and owners alike.

● Easy to put on and take off.

● High-quality materials for durability.

● Embroidered heart patches on special designs (sizes 0 and 4-5).

Get ready to turn heads and spread joy with the cutest bunny on the block.

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