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Car DVR Dash Cam

Car DVR Dash Cam

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Upgrade your driving with the Car DVR Dash Cam, your perfect road companion. Capture every moment with unparalleled clarity thanks to its Full HD 1080P resolution, ensuring crisp, clear video recordings that make every detail visible.

Seamless Integration with Your Car's DVD Player Navigation System

Designed for seamless integration with your car's DVD player navigation system, this dash cam offers a smooth, unobtrusive installation. It blends effortlessly with your vehicle's interior while providing top-tier functionality.

Capture Scenic Drives and Ensure Road Safety

Whether you're on a scenic drive or navigating busy city streets, the Car DVR Dash Cam is your reliable partner. It captures beautiful road trips and acts as a crucial safety device, providing invaluable evidence in case of accidents or unexpected incidents.

Key Features

● Full HD 1080P Resolution: Enjoy sharp, high-definition video recordings that capture every detail on the road.

● Seamless Integration: Designed to work perfectly with your car's DVD player navigation system for a clean and professional installation.

● Wide-Angle Lens: Covers a broader field of view, ensuring you don't miss any critical moments.

● Loop Recording: Continuous recording with automatic deletion of old files to free up space.

● G-Sensor: Automatically detects collisions and locks the footage to prevent overwriting.

● Night Vision: Enhanced low-light performance for clear recording even in the dark.

● Parking Mode: Monitors your car while parked, providing security and peace of mind.


● Resolution: Full HD 1080P

● Lens: Wide-angle

● Recording Mode: Loop recording

● Sensor: G-sensor for collision detection

● Night Vision: Yes

● Parking Mode: Yes

● Compatibility: Integrates with car DVD player navigation systems

Equip your vehicle with the Car DVR Dash Cam and drive with confidence, knowing you have a reliable witness on the road.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Elliot Deckow

Car DVR Dash Cam

Gunnar Schroeder

Car DVR Dash Cam

Makenna O'Kon

Came with a slight delay from the specified date, connected without problems, how ADAS works needs to be dealt with

Dejuan Rosenbaum

Very good DVR. Perfect match to my LEHX L6 pro 4/64 head unit.
Seller is responsive and helpful.
Absolutely recommended for purchase!

Ciara Harvey

Gives a good quality image, it is not as good as I expected, but I connect to the stereo without installing any software, I recommend it