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Cat Hammock Bed

Cat Hammock Bed

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Let your feline friend bask in the sun and enjoy a comfortable spot with our innovative cat hammock bed.

Maximize Your Cat's Comfort

Ensure your cat's relaxation with a hammock bed that provides a warm and cozy place to nap or watch the world outside.

Save Space and Enhance Your Décor

Free up floor space and add a stylish touch to your home with a cat hammock bed that mounts effortlessly on windows.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Enjoy hassle-free setup and cleaning with a cat hammock bed designed for convenience and durability.

Key Specifications

● Material: Durable fabric and strong suction cups

● Weight Capacity: Supports up to 20 lbs

● Dimensions: 23.6 x 11.8 inches

● Installation: Easy suction cup mounting

● Color: Available in multiple colors to match your décor

● Cleaning: Machine washable fabric

Why Choose the Sunny Window Cat Hammock Bed?

● Comfort and Warmth: Soft, comfortable fabric that keeps your cat warm and cozy.

● Space-Saving Design: Mounts on windows to save floor space.

● Stylish and Functional: Enhances home décor while providing a functional resting spot.

● Easy to Install and Maintain: Simple suction cup installation and machine washable fabric for easy maintenance.

Upgrade your cat’s lounging experience with the Sunny Window Cat Hammock Bed. Perfect for any cat that loves to sunbathe and observe the outdoors.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Gerry Rutherford

My kitten is charming, she is very beautiful and holds very well.

Sofia Cruickshank

Perfect!! Better than what I expected

Miguel Rutherford

My cats liked it! I still fear that it may fall but at least I already tried them all and for the moment well🤍Hopefully it's durable and doesn't collapse

Wyman Gutmann

The support is made of plastic, once assembled it is a bit flimsy although the fabric gives it resistance, even so I see a bit unstable and the cats do not feel very safe. The installation is simple, the water trick is a bit but slips and not fixed. At the moment he has been with the chubby one on a couple of hours and resists, we'll see. It is wider than the window so one of the suction cups is a little in the air but I have given it a little support. I will update as experience goes.

Jaqueline Marquardt

Good suction to the window, it can detach from other parts but never from the window. Overall good