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Cat Scratch Board

Cat Scratch Board

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Discover the ultimate blend of comfort and functionality with our 3 In 1 Corrugated Cat Furniture Bed. This innovative piece serves as a lounge bed, scratching pad, and play area, tailored to meet every aspect of your cat's needs.

Product Highlights

● Versatile Cat Furniture: Our cat scratch board doubles as a cardboard lounge bed and a playful scratching pad, offering your cat a multifunctional space to scratch, play, and nap.

● Protects Your Furniture: Designed to safeguard your furniture from claw damage, this cat scratch board redirects your cat's natural scratching instincts.

● High-Quality Materials: Crafted from 100% recyclable, high-quality cardboard with a sturdy wood frame, ensuring durability and environmental responsibility. Non-toxic glue guarantees your pet's safety.

● Three Scratching Angles: Choose from three scratching angles (0°, 40°, and 70°) to satisfy your cat's natural preferences. Curved contours provide a cozy spot for relaxation and play.

● Promotes Healthy Behavior: Encourage healthy scratching habits, promoting exercise and mental stimulation while preventing furniture damage.

● Easy Installation: Simple assembly instructions ensure quick setup, providing your cat with an immediate sanctuary for scratching and relaxation.

● Color Options: [Specify available color options]

Enhance your cat's environment with our 3 In 1 Corrugated Cat Furniture Bed, offering both style and practicality for your beloved feline.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Winona Morar

I am in the grip, through the tizhdi, my cats have left their own kitty

Cody Bosco

The size is right and small. It's a little bit stamped on the patch, but it's not hard to use. I think I should write more.

Buford Senger

Husband had a bit of a time putting it together, but satisfied with the product. Cats are using it.

Jaylen Maggio

Already bought for my cat who immediately adopted it to regularly make its claws or rest there... this second purchase is intended for a friend's cats.

Craig Windler

My cat enjoys it very much. I do recommend this item.