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Cold Press Juicer

Cold Press Juicer

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Cold Press Juicer with 3.5-Inch Feed Chute

Product Parameters:

● Feed Chute: 3.5"

● Power: 100NM

● Self-Feeding: No

● Dimensions: 6.97 x 6.18 x 17.24 inches

Key Features:

● 3.5-Inch Large Feed Chute: Streamline your juicing process with the 3.5-inch wide feed chute. No more pre-cutting; simply toss whole fruits and vegetables into the juicer for efficient extraction.

● Powerful Motor: Equipped with a robust motor delivering 100NM of torque, this juicer ensures optimal extraction, crushing every bit of goodness from your produce.

● Quiet Operation: Enjoy a peaceful juicing experience with Silent Strength Technology, which provides powerful juicing performance without the noise.

● Reverse Function: Overcome any juicing challenges with the intelligent reverse function, ensuring a seamless and thorough process.

● Drip-Free Precision: The anti-drip spout guarantees a clean pour every time, making your juicing routine mess-free.

● Easy to Clean: Designed for convenience, this juicer is easy to clean and dishwasher-safe, enhancing your overall juicing experience.

● High-Quality After-Sale Service: Our dedicated after-sale team is committed to providing you with excellent products and support. Contact us directly for any assistance.

Cold Press Juicer with 5.3-Inch Feed Chute

Product Parameters:

● Feed Chute: 5.3"

● Power: 150NM

● Self-Feeding: Yes

● Dimensions: 8.25 x 7.89 x 17.19 inches

Key Features:

● 5.3-Inch Large Feed Chute: Maximize efficiency with the extra-wide 5.3-inch feed chute. Easily juice whole fruits and vegetables without pre-cutting, saving you time and effort.

● Enhanced Power: This model features a stronger motor with 150NM of torque, providing even more powerful extraction for all your juicing needs.

● Self-Feeding Mechanism: The self-feeding design simplifies the juicing process, allowing for a more effortless and hands-free experience.

● Quiet Masticating Juicer: Experience powerful juicing with minimal noise, thanks to our Silent Strength Technology.

● Intelligent Reverse Function: Navigate any juicing challenge with the intelligent reverse function, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

● Drip-Free Precision: The anti-drip spout ensures a clean pour every time, making juicing hassle-free.

● Easy to Clean: This juicer is designed for easy cleaning and is dishwasher-safe, making post-juicing cleanup a breeze.

● High-Quality After-Sale Service: Our professional after-sale team is ready to provide top-notch support. Contact us directly for any issues or questions.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ron Jacobi

Awesome just cleaning it takes time

Ambrose Shanahan

Despite the fact that the cake comes out quite dry, the juice at the exit is strongly with the pulp, in order to achieve transparency, it is necessary to additionally filter, but the juice is delicious. The delivery is fast, the packaging is great, in the original box. Washing the juicer is really very easy. I hope it will last a long time.

Hermann Farrell

Nice juicer, great value for the price. Extraction is flawless , much better than my previous juicer.Easy cleanup

Charles Baumbach

Very good.