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Cordless Electric Air Duster

Cordless Electric Air Duster

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Electrical outlet

This air duster tops the market by its capacity to produce a powerful thrust of air at almost 70m/s for deep cleaning of the microscopic dust. Starting from printed circuit boards to computers, electronic instruments, medical devices, and many more such areas can be cleaned by this mini duster which your traditional wiper or duster cannot clean.
This air duster is specially designed to get charged faster with a 2A adapter (not included). Its motor allows the maximum rotating speed to reach up to 45000 RPM.
The device is structured with an extended full-palm gripping design and withdrawable nozzle keeping the handhold clear to let users grip it at their comfort.
Saving gas and water has now become our primary responsibility. And to support this cause this device to be made highly environment-friendly as it allows more than 5000 times of use, resulting in saving a lot of energy. This mini duster is such a scientific device that keeps cleanliness hand in hand with eco-friendliness.
Refuse the dark, can also use at night, warm heart lighting design, illuminate the dark at night, let dust nowhere to hide.

Applicable equipment: Notebook, general-purpose, mobile phone, computer, digital camera
Type: Cleaning Kit
Suit type: All-round cleaning suit
weight: 0.580(KG)

Battery capacity: 

USB 220VUS = 15000MAH

6000MAH = 6000MAH

Package Content:
All-around cleaning set * 1 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Beth Mitchell

Note 10 !! Really strong, it is like a fan at the maximum or even stronger. About the battery I can't say how long it lasts, but if it lasts 10 minutes it's great!! Recommend the store and the product 100%

Darren Schneider

Arrived in two weeks here on reef, the box came a little crumpled, but nothing too apparent. Regardless, the product works perfectly and even clean, the wind is very strong and is a big hand on the wheel. I believe that if you use it to clean things with a certain frequency, there will never be that accumulated dirt that sometimes stayed on my PC for not having the practicality that this blower offers in cleaning. The only thing I didn't like is that when I clean something very dusty, a dusty tree ends up entering the blower, you can see it accumulated in the little fan inside, I imagine that over time this can be a problem. At first glance I don't see how I can open the carcass to clean this dusty, since there is no apparent bolt at least. However, it is still an excellent product, super recommend.

Ruby Cole

The product arrived well, the box is little crushed. But it is already a separate issue.
Powerful product for laptops and keyboards, for a gamer cpu does not convince me but I will try it to see how it goes

Bernhard Langosh

Seems to have good power, now see if it will last well.

Ayla Kuphal

The product arrived very fast and came everything in order. It is working properly and it is very powerful, now it will last.