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Disposable Drainage Rack

Disposable Drainage Rack

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"Streamline Your Kitchen with the Disposable Drainage Rack!

Say goodbye to messy sinks and hello to effortless cleanliness with our innovative Disposable Drainage Rack. Designed to revolutionize your kitchen experience, this must-have accessory is a game-changer for any home or restaurant. Featuring a unique triangle shape design, our rack maximizes corner space utilization, ensuring no inch goes to waste. Say goodbye to cluttered countertops – our compact rack fits seamlessly into any sink, leaving ample room for all your culinary creations.

Crafted with elastic and flexible mesh bags, connecting to the 7-point holder is a breeze, offering unparalleled stability and support. The fine mesh acts as a barrier, capturing even the smallest food particles and preventing them from clogging your drain. From hair and paper scraps to food remnants and fabric, our rack filters out every last bit of debris, keeping your pipes clear and your kitchen running smoothly. Experience the convenience of a cleaner, more efficient kitchen with the Disposable Drainage Rack. Economical, practical, and essential for any culinary space, it's the ultimate solution for filtering out unwanted leftovers. Upgrade your kitchen game today – order yours now!"

Total height 22mm/0.86in
Board thickness 4mm/0.16in
Material: plastic

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Leonora Carroll

Good to use

Stephania Erdman

similar to image. good