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Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

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Introducing the Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner: Your Shortcut to Sparkling Brushes in Seconds!

Say goodbye to tedious brush cleaning sessions and hello to effortless glam with our Automatic Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner! Designed to make your life easier and your brushes cleaner, this rechargeable wonder is the ultimate lazy girl's dream come true.


- Automatic Cleaning: Sit back and relax as our electric cleaner does all the work for you! Simply attach your brushes, press a button, and watch as they're effortlessly whisked clean in seconds. - Quick Dry Technology: No more waiting around for your brushes to air dry! Our lazy cleaning brush washer uses rapid drying technology to have your brushes ready for action in no time.

- USB Rechargeable: Keep the glam going without interruption! Our cleaner comes with a USB cable for convenient recharging, ensuring you're always ready to sparkle and shine.

Package Includes:- 1 x Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner- 1 x USB Cable

Experience the magic of clean brushes without the hassle with our Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner – because who says cleaning can't be fun?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Rachelle Pfeffer

Just like the image, if it works, 10 out of 10 I just hope it lasts a while😄

Ophelia Little

highly recommend... it's great and worth every single euro... fast delivery to Serbia, even earlier than they said

Tracey Olson

The goods arrived undamaged. It works.

Jayme Tremblay

Everything is as described. I recommend.
Bought at a great price thanks to Aliexpress group Love🌸Vol. 2

Charlie Kessler

Wow but a nice toy. He really cleans brushes. It is true that those with a thick handle will not enter the stand, but others will. I recommend it really worth it.