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Digital Intelligent Automatic Handheld Code-spraying Machine

Digital Intelligent Automatic Handheld Code-spraying Machine

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Upgrade your printing process with the Digital Intelligent Automatic Handheld Code-Spraying Machine. This versatile device is designed to handle a wide range of printing tasks with precision and ease. Perfect for industries such as packaging, electronics, and pharmaceuticals, this handheld printer delivers high-quality results on various materials including pipes, cables, medicine packages, glass, and metal.

Key Features:

● Adjustable Spray Printing Height: Customize the spray height from 2 to 12.7mm to suit your needs.

● High Printing Accuracy: Achieve clear and precise prints with 600 DPI resolution (300 DPI x 2).

● Versatile Ink Options: Choose between water-based and quick-drying ink types.

● Easy Data Transfer: Conveniently transfer data via USB interface.

● Bilingual Text Support: Operate the machine in either Chinese or English.

● User-Friendly Control Panel: Navigate through settings easily with the 4.3-inch touch screen.

● Diverse Inkjet Content: Print text symbols, QR codes, barcodes, pictures, dates, serial numbers, and more.

● Wide Range of Printing Materials: Ideal for printing on pipes, cables, medicine packaging, glass, metal, and other surfaces.

What's Included:

● Handheld Printer: 1 Unit

Enhance your operational efficiency and achieve high-quality printing with the Digital Intelligent Automatic Handheld Code-Spraying Machine.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Milan Bayer

yes I'm okay productive bye is good I'm giving a girl value for your money but just be careful it doesn't develop any faults in future

Henry Schinner

It's a very easy to use product. The grip of the device is very handy.

The printing works from Left to Right.

Hector Gibson