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Homefier Propot Electric Cooker

Homefier Propot Electric Cooker

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Cook anything, anywhere with the new Homefier ProPot Electric Cooker. This 1.5L pot is an all-in-one electric cooker that is perfect for small spaces or on the go!

With 2 heat settings, you can steam, fry, braise, and boil whatever you can think of. Learn more below!

What can the ProPot do for me?
  • Small footprint: Perfect for dorm rooms, apartments, hotels, and any other small places!
  • All-in-one: No need for a stove or base plate, simply plug in and cook away!
  • Versatile: Cook anything with the included lid that doubles as a steamer!
  • Fast and powerful: With 600w of power, water comes to a boil in just 2 minutes!

What about safety?

  • Auto-shutoff: The ProPot will automatically shut off in the event of overheating or tip-over.
  • Fully insulated: The even-heating technology is layered with insulation, keeping the pot and handle cool
  • Boil-dry protection: A built in device monitors the pot and will stop the heating element in the event of boil dry to prevent overheating.


How does it work?

  • Operating the ProPot is very straightforward. Simply set it where you would like to cook, plug it in with the included power cable and set it to your desired temperature. After a couple of minutes it will be preheated and ready for cooking!


Does it work on any surface?

  • With the layered insulation feature, the outside of the ProPot is perfectly safe to touch even on its highest heat setting. This also means that it will not melt or burn any surface that you wish to place it on!

What comes in the box?

Included in the box is:

  • The electric cooker
  • Matching steamer lid
  • Power cable
  • Instruction manual

What are the specs?

  • Pot size: 7.1 inch diameter, 5.1 inch depth, 1.5L capacity.
  • Voltage: 110v, 60hz
  • Power draw: 250/600 watts
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