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Intelligent Remote Control Robot Dog

Intelligent Remote Control Robot Dog

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Intelligent Remote Control Robot Dog - Your Child's Fun and Educational Companion! This interactive robot pet offers all the joy of raising a dog without the mess or responsibility.

Here's what makes this robot dog so special:

● Gesture Control: Use simple hand movements to command your robot dog to move forward, backward, turn left, or right.

● Expressive LED Emoticons: The robot dog lights up with different LED expressions, making it more engaging and interactive for children.

● Adorable Actions: Watch your robot dog perform cute tricks like dancing, twisting its butt, and even "acting coquettish"!

● Head Touch Sensor: Give the robot dog a gentle head tap and it will respond with playful sounds and movements.

● Sings and Dances: Built-in music lets your robot dog sing and dance along, encouraging your child to join in the fun!

● Programmable Functions: Create custom routines and tricks by programming up to 50 sets of actions, 15 songs, and more!

● Obstacle Avoidance: Your robot dog can navigate around obstacles automatically, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted playtime.

Product Information:

● Name: Intelligent Remote Control Robot Dog

● Applicable Age: 3 years old and above (previously listed as unlimited)

● Power: USB Charging

● Material: Plastic and Electronic Components

The Intelligent Remote Control Robot Dog is the perfect gift for any child who loves animals, technology, and interactive play!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Blanche Boyer

Intelligent Remote Control Robot Dog

Lina Lockman

The box came because it was all broken, but the product is very good for the price.

Jamison Ferry

Does what promises

Naomi Gulgowski

No function

Mathilde Schuppe

Has many functions