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Laser Pointer Pet Toy

Laser Pointer Pet Toy

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  • USB CHARGING】: 2024 New laser toy for cats. No need to buy batteries! Just remove the back of the fun cat toy and plug it into the USB adapter. No need to buy batteries. 1
  • RICH PATTERN DESIGN】: Adjust the funny cat toy pointer to red light mode, you can easily switch gears to get interesting patterns
  • PORTABLE DESIGN】: Exquisite design makes the cat toy small in size, and the cat toy pen with metal clip and anti-loss rope design can be easily put in the pocket and used anytime and anywhere for added convenience.
  • HIGH QUALITY】: Our cat pet toy is made of high quality stainless steel shell, the exquisite design makes the pet toy comfortable to use
  • POWERFUL FUNCTIONS】: The pointer light can also make you a presenter, whether you are in a bright room or outdoors, you can see clearly, which makes speech or explanation easier and more practical.


Why buy this laser pointer toy for your pet?
This is an excellent pet toy for indoor interactive cats and dogs. Gives you more opportunities to interact endlessly with your beloved pets and let them exercise and have fun without any hassle. It never makes cats bored.
Why choose JMMTAAG toys for pets?
JMMTAAG has been working on pet supplies, cat toys and dog toys for more than two years. We know that if pets lack exercise for a long time, it will cause obesity and other problems. After our research, we designed this cat and dog toy, which has the following excellent features:
❶、USB charging: Killing toys is compatible with all USB devices. No batteries are needed, saving costs.
❷、Sliding button design, no need to keep pressing the button.
❸、Mini size indoor cat toys are easy to carry.
❹、The cat toy can be filled with approx. 1 hour and can be used for 4 hours.
At the same time, it is also multifunctional, so it can meet your various needs:
⓵. You can switch between five patterns by turning the cat toy's gear, as an interactive hunt for training cats and dogs.
⓶. 5 Light Modes: Red Dots / Mouse / Smile / Star / Butterfly, Cat Toy Light Enough to attract your pet.
⓷. Pointer with presentation click function for speeches and teaching.
⓸. Emergency lighting.
⓹. Blue light money detector
Package includes: 1 × Interactive cat toy

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nedra Goldner

Very beautiful, of good quality and with several functions, rechargeable battery, the only bad thing is that my cats did not pay attention to it, haha, so I will have to give it another use.

Leon Beahan

My cats liked it very much is the same as the photos