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Radar Detector

Radar Detector

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Rev up your driving adventures with the V7 Electronic Car Radar Detector! This sleek gadget isn't just practical—it's your fun and reliable co-pilot on the road to excitement and safety.

Product Features:

  • Voltage: 12V DC 
  • Current: 200mA 
  • Display: LED 
  • Buttons: Three Buttons 
  • Power: 1.5W 

User Manual—Easy as ABC:

  • Plug it in and play! 
  • Adjust sounds with "DN" or "UP" buttons 
  • Cruise in city or freeway mode with a quick tap 
  • Speak in your preferred language by holding the middle button for 10 seconds 
  • Shhh...mute signals with a simple Up button press when you need some peace 
  • Miss the sound? Just reconnect, and voila! 

Radar Specs—Packed with Power:

  • Receives frequencies in K-Band (22.8 - 24.5) GHz and (33.0 - 36.0) GHz 
  • Supports X, K, Ka VG-2 bands for extra radar love 
  • Alert! VG-2 at 11.150GHz +/- 175MHz 
  • X-Band at 10.525GHz +/- 25MHz 
  • K-Band at 24.150GHz +/- 100MHz 
  • Frequency Range: 33.890GHz +/- 750MHz 

More Fun Details:

  • Languages: Russian, English 
  • Size: 98 * 62 * 33 mm 
  • Speaker: 8 Ohms, 1.0 W 
  • Alert Type: Ready for movement speed measurement action 
  • Temperature: Can handle the heat from 10°C to 70°C 

Stay safe, stay playful, and let the V7 Electronic Car Radar Detector guide you on your road trip adventures! 

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