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Twist Wave LED Table Lamp with Dimmable Brightness

Twist Wave LED Table Lamp with Dimmable Brightness

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This compact, energy-efficient lamp features a science-fiction inspired design.Two twisting waves on a small round base with a button control at the center of the power wire.Just need to press once to power on, starting at the brightest light level.It's great for reading by and lighting up the intricate details in craftwork.

  • Twisting wave design, use softer side-glowing technology to avoid damage to eyes. Easy clean, plug and bight, a decoration that adorns desk, shelf and any furniture with its stylish design.
  • Made of non-toxic material, the LED Twist Lamp is more environmentally friendly than fluorescent strips known to contain toxic chemicals.
  • Standing about 17.72 inches tall and 4.92 inches in diameter, a color temperature of 3000K and 3800LM, best choice for any kind of casual, contemporary, or meditative environment.
  • Thanks to 12W built-in LED lights, it will save on your electric bill. Low energy consumption and will never need any replacement on light source.


1. Wattage: 12W

2. Style: Modern andamp; Future

3. Material: Alloy andamp; Acrylic

4. Dimensions: 4.92 x 4.92 x 17.72 inches

5. Power Supply: AC Powered

6. Switch Type: +/- Dimmable Brightness Switch

7. Finish: Exquisite Painting

8. Voltage: 100-240V

Package Included:

1 x ELINKUME Twist Wave LED Table Lamp, Warm White Light (White)

Pay Attention:

1. Because of the different camera shooting techniques, different monitor resolution or other factors, it may cause a little chromatic aberration between picture and object.

2. Suggest to wear gloves when install your lamp, to avoid leaving fingerprints on the lamp, it is easy to create dust on fingerprints, may affect the beauty of the lamp body.

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